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Chess and Childhood !

“There is no turning back to chess – just like in life. You have to think before your every move, ”said Olympic champion and world chess champion Susan Polgar, and if there’s one reason our kids deserve to be involved in this sport is exactly that: to learn to think.

We often argue that what we seek to raise as a child is to nurture an adult who is right and useful to society. Playing chess has a lot to offer the child, but the most important of these is thinking before any move that will lead the player to victory, defeat or a draw. So they have to think that there are three possible choices in the game-as in their life. The more a child deals with chess, the more he or she adopts the benefits of rational thinking and overcoming obstacles.


At the same time it enhances the child’s confidence, which will undoubtedly benefit him in every aspect of their lives. Research has shown that children who play chess from a young age exercise their memory tremendously while improving both their self-esteem and their academic careers.

In the past year or so, the chess game has been on the rise. With the support of the European Union, chess is gradually introduced into all school activities and promoted as a sport. Thus, more children have the opportunity to become acquainted with the magic world of chess.

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